Download the demo bundle

You need to download two items: A bundle for the FPGA from the table below, and the Windows or Linux driver (at the bottom). Please refer to the "getting started" guides in the documentation page after downloading.

Note that you probably need to purchase an adapter kit for this to work, as explained in the main XillyUSB page.

The FPGA bundle:

The following table lists the boards for which an out-of-the box demo bundle is available. These bundles include fully functional IP cores, however their allowed use is restricted as outlined on the licensing page.

VendorDevice FamilyTargeted Board 
XilinxKintex-7KC705Click to download
Virtex-7 w/ GTX transceivers(*)VC707Available upon request
Virtex-7 w/ GTH transceivers(*)VC709Available upon request
Artix-7Trenz TE0714-03-35-2I with TEBB0714(***)Click to download
AC701Click to download
Kintex UltrascaleKCU105Click to download
Virtex UltrascaleNo board is supported(**)IP core available, but no known matching board(**)
Kintex Ultrascale+KCU116Available upon request
Virtex Ultrascale+No board is supported(**)IP core available, but no known matching board(**)
Zynq-7000 (USB 3.0 interface)ZC706Available upon request
Zynq UltraScale+ (USB 3.0 interface)ZCU106Click to download
Cyclone 10

Intel Cyclone 10 GX FPGA Development Kit(****)

Click to download

(*) For Virtex-7 XT and HT (except 7VX485T), pick the bundle with GTH transceivers. For all other Virtex-7 FPGAs, the GTX bundle.
(**) The KCU1500, VCU108 and VCU118 boards are not supported because they have QSFP cages rather plain SFP+ cages.
(***) This low-cost hardware may require additional purchase, as explained on this page.
(****) Using the SFP+ cage labeled J5 (next to the Ethernet jack) and not the board's USB Type-C connector.

Code bundle for the host:

Additional downloads: