Illustration of Xillybus principle

A simple turnkey solution

  • Xillybus consists of an FPGA IP core and a driver for the computer: All the low-level design is already done. Read more...
  • Supported out of the box by up-to-date Linux distributions.
  • Drivers for Windows 7 and later available for download.
  • FPGA designers interface with the IP core through a standard FIFO or dual-port memory
  • Computer software programmers work in userspace with files, following classic UNIX programming style
  • Works intuitively on both sides
  • True streaming feel, no need to manage buffers. Any amount of data dropped on one side appears on the other.
  • No specific API: All user design is based upon well-established methods
  • No low-level design or driver programming


  • Very fast setup: A day or two is the typical lead time from downloading core & drivers to an end-to-end integration between host application and dedicated logic on FPGA.
  • Try it first: Get your own custom built IP core for evaluation, and test it in your real design.
  • Portability: Seamless transition between Xilinx and Intel FPGAs, Linux and Windows
  • Robust pipe communication stream that just works.
  • Scalable and flexible: Up to 160 FIFOs sharing a single PCIe link.
  • Cuts development risk, cost and schedule dramatically
  • Straightforward use for designers
  • DMA used exclusively for data transfers, hence minimal load on processor.
  • Low latency
  • Intuitive data flow in both ends
  • Custom generation of core to meet client's needs


  • Data acquisition
  • Video capture and playback
  • Acceleration and HPC (High Performance Computing)
  • FPGA control from host
  • Easy design of peripherals
  • Interface with dedicated hardware
  • Logic verification on hardware
  • Fast development of dedicated lab equipment
  • Debugging
  • Data interchange with High Level Synthesis (HLS) function

Host platforms

  • Any host with PCIe and/or USB 3.x: Common PC computers, PC-on-board (PCI/104-Express) and embedded processors (e.g. NXP's i.MX series)
  • Xilinx' Zynq-7000 EPP
  • Intel Cyclone V SoC


Download a kit!
Try Xillybus with your application data from the FPGA to the host and vice versa. It's not just a demo, it works for real. Connect your application data to a standard FIFO, boot the computer or FPGA with either Windows or Linux, and see how easy it is to talk with your FPGA!

Click here for more about how Xillybus works.


Announcing Xillyp2p, an easy-to-use framework for data exchange between FPGAs. Read more...


Xillybus now available for USB 3.0 as well.

sfp2usb module with XillyUSB IP Core