Due to relatively low public interest, Xillinux for SoCKit is outdated (Xillinux-1.1) and is phased out: It works out of the box with no known issues, but its implementation is limited to Quartus II 13.0sp1 only for building the FPGA bundle (possibly with the no-fee Web Edition).

Users of Xillinux for SocKit should not expect any support for it. Also, some of the information on Xillinux' main page, which relates to Xillinux-2.0, may contradict the documentation for SocKit, in which case the latter is correct.

There is no intention to support later revisions of Quartus II in the future, and the support for Cyclone V SoC is limited in general.

You need to download the two following items. Then please refer to the "getting started" guides in the documentation page.

  • Click here to download the FPGA bundle for Altera's tools.
  • Click here to download the MicroSD card image.

The instructions for what to do with these files are in the Getting Started guide for Altera Cyclone V (SoCKit).

To view Xillinux' file system without writing it to a hardware device, loop-mount the SD card image on any Linux machine as follows:

# mount -o loop xillinux-1.1-sockit.img \
   -o offset=$((512*112455)) /mnt/tmp/

assuming that /mnt/tmp already exists as a directory. Note that the downloaded file must be gunzip'ed first, and that mounting requires root privileges.